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What are electronic cigarettes?


Read our OCTEC Position Statement on Electronic Cigarettes


CDC Fast Facts on Juul:

JUUL is now the most commonly sold e-cigarette in the US.
  • JUUL is an e-cigarette shaped like a USB flash drive and is easy to conceal.
  • JUUL uses liquid nicotine refills called “pods,” which contain at least as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes and are available in flavors that appeal to youth.
  • JUUL devices are being used by youth in schools, including inside bathrooms and classrooms.

Source: Youth Tobacco Use Surged From 2017-2018. (2019). Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/youth-tobacco-use/

General Information:

E-Cigarettes: Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

“Escape the Vape” Presentation by Orange County Dept. of Education

E-cigarettes Shaped like Flash Drives Fact Sheet by the CDC 

Juul Fact Sheet by the Truth Initiative and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

For Teens:

What Teens Should Know About E-Cigarettes

For Parents:

E-Cigarette Information for Parents (English)

E-Cigarette Information for Parents (Spanish)

E-Cigarette Information for Parents (Vietnamese)

Protect Your Family from E-Cigarettes (English)

Protect Your Family from E-Cigarettes (Spanish)

For Teachers:

Teachers and Parents: That USB Stick Might Be an E-cigarette

For Employers:

E-Cigarette Information for Employers

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